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We offer a wide range of services including project planning, character design, 3D modeling, VTuber management, and 3D screen video production.

Planning & Development

Until now, websites, even with high quality design, were limited to conveying a company's appeal only with pictures and text. Neo Motion Entertainment builds websites with the purpose of achieving your goals and objectives, such as corporate sites, special sites and landing pages. We can produce videos simultaneously with website production, resulting in quick results at a low cost.

Project Planning & Development
Web Production

Illustration Design

We can design various kinds of illustrations, such as anime style illustations, illustations with detailed colouring, and oil-painting style illustations, and any other according to the customer's request. Our company promises to deliver to you the highest quality of illustration to meet all of your needs.

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Character Design

Full body Illustration
Waist Up Illustration
Chibi Character Illustration
Character Design


Card Background
ADV Background


1 Character (with background)


Item Icon
Illustration Design Flow from Request to Completion

Initial Meeting

We will prepare an estimate after confirming the contents of the customer's request.

  • Request Confirmation
  • Cost Estimate
  • Schedule Confirmation

Plan Creation

  • Proposal of best-suited illustrator

Illustration Design

After confirming the illustration plan, we will begin work on the illustration itself.
All steps including rough sketch, line art, and final touches will be reviewed.

  • Illustration Progress
  • Review and Check Each Part

Illustration Completion

  • Organize Each Layer
  • Final Check

3D Modeling

In addition to character design, Neo Motion Entertainment also offers a full range of services from 2D to 3D production. We also accept requests for some other production processes such as three-dimensional illustrations, motions, and effects.

Modeling ※ Rigging/morphing incl.

Up to 30,000 polygons
Beyond 50,000 polygons


Manual Motion

Virtual Youtuber Production

1 Character


2D Illustration Production

  • Character Design・Planning
  • Full body Illustration
  • 3-Dimensional Drawing Production

3D Illustration Production

  • Character Modeling
  • Rigging
  • Facial Expression Morphing (8〜 Expressions)

※80,000 Polygon Base


Q1. Is it possible to request only some parts and effects?

A. Yes, we can of course accomodate partial requests as well.

Q2. Can I request work starting from the character design?

A. Yes, we are pleased to offer our services and can provide a full range of services, from character design to 3D modeling and 3D motion.

Q3. What design software do you use?

A. 3dsMaz and Maya are used.

Q4. How long does it take to receive the completed work?

A. The production time will vary depending on the number of items produced and the customer's specific requests.
It is possible to request expediated production for an additional cost, in this case please contact us first via the contact form for an estimate.

Q5. What kind of 3D media can you create?

A. We can create the following media.

  • SNS Games
  • Consumer Games
  • Video・CM
  • Other

Q6. Is it possible to request the creation of a virtual youtuber (VTuber)?

A. Yes, it is possible. We offer a wide range of services, from character design to modeling and management, depending on your needs.

VTuber Management

Neo Motion Entertainment does not only create and model characters, but we also help you to manage your VTuber. We are responsible for script writing, filming and editing, and we promise to provide you with a satisfying service.

Virtual Youtuber Management

Script Writing (5 scripts per month)


  • Script Cost
  • Recording Cost
  • Editing Cost

※Please note there is a separate charge for studio rentals. We also offer volume discounts, so please contact us for details.

3D Screen (NEO Screen)

NEO Screen is a special screen that can project 3D images, basically "objects in three dimensions", in the same way that a video projector can project onto a conventional screen.
The main feature of this is its high transparency, so that people, objects, and products behind the screen are visible as they are, making it possible to create a futuristic presentation as if the projected image were floating.
It can be used for various applications such as live events, wedding venues, show windows, shops and displays, etc. in accordance with the customer's needs.

Previous Work

If you would like to learn more, please contact us for more information.

Video Production

Neo Motion Entertainment offers not only character design but also video production with images. Please feel free to contact us as we can create various productions according to your needs.

Previous Work

If you would like to learn more, please contact us for more information.